About us

Welcome to NIMS Clinic

Nims Clinic is one of the Best private Gynecology and Dental Clinic with the best and most experienced doctors in Heart of Kathmandu which were established in 2006. Our clinic is a one-stop dental healthcare provider specializing in Family and General Dentistry, preventive and Cosmetic dentistry services like Filling/ Restoration, Crowns and bridges, Braces, Root Canal Treatment(RCT), Dental Implants, Orthodontics, Dental Surgery, and many more.

Your comfort and satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. We provide a range of high-quality dental care services utilizing all the latest dental technologies and let our highly trained dental staff give you an incredible smile.

We want every appointment to be comfortable and make you feel better, whether it's easing any discomfort or giving you the smile you've been dreaming of! For the unbeatable service, get in touch with Nims Dental today!


Shreeram Dhakal Chairman

Nims Group Clinic was founded by Mr. Shreeram Dhakal in 2006 with a mission to create a quality medical facility that's cheap and affordable for everyone in need of healthcare in Nepal. The clinic aims to provide excellent health treatments and patient-centered care, ensuring top-notch healthcare is easy to access. 

The ultimate goal is to offer standard healthcare that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of the Nepalese community. It starts to provide different facilities like good health medication and patient-oriented socially responsible centers making superior quality healthcare services convenient and accessible for the community.  

The clinic wants to be more than a place to go when you're sick – it wants to make sure you feel great all the time. By aiming to go beyond what people expect, especially in Nepal, Mr. Dhakal wants to be a shining example of top-notch dental healthcare. It's all about making a real, positive impact on the lives of the people it cares for.